Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Level Crossing

Now that the Saint Cloud train show is out of the way I can get on and do a bit more work on Gonou. A couple of weeks ago my level crossing arrived and it has been waiting patiently to be assembled. As with any T gauge stuff, the parts are small. So small and delicate looking in this case that I was actually worried about cutting them off the sprues in case I broke them. Luckily these worries were to be unfounded and the items came off the sprues very easily indeed. The crossing barriers and warning light poles come ready painted and before I assembled the parts I painted the roadway and the track. Everything goes together really easily though I did find it necessary to drill out the locating holes for the parts a bit so that placing the parts in them was easier. All in all it was only a 10-15 minute job to assemble it.

It looks the part and will do for me. Now I have to work out how I will make one to sit on a curved piece of set track at the other end of the layout.
Now with this finished I am at last able to fix all the trackwork in place on Gonou and I'll be able to run trains again.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hello new viewers

A big "Hi" to those of you dropping in for the first time through Carl Arendts "Small Layout Gallery" Website.
Things are a bit quiet at the moment as I'm currently sprucing up my H0 scale layout "Oneota Yard" for an exhibition outing in St Cloud, MN on April 25th. The Granite City Train Show. Any Minnesotans should check the show out. It really is Jolly good.
As for Gonou. The level crossing arrived and as usual with T scale stuff. It is scarily small. So much so I'm actually quite nervous about cutting it off the sprue.
So, take a look at the blog. There's over 70 entries about all aspects of T gauge modelling. I hope you enjoy what you see and keep coming back. Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Something to look forward to.

I got an email from Hobby Search in Japan today.
Level crossings are in and mine is being dispatched!
Hopefully it will be here by Friday.
This is doubly exciting for me because firstly it means that I can get on and lay the track and finally fix it in place. Secondly because I have been in dire need of some new T gauge stuff for a while. Not that my interest is flagging mind. Far from it. I'm still as keen as ever. I need that feeling you can only get when you see some impossibly tiny T gauge...
Is that like withdrawls?
Does this make me a T gauge junkie?
At least it's cheaper and safer than coke and heroin...