Thursday, May 13, 2010

Things are happening too fast...

There's way too much going on in the T scale world right now. To start with I took delivery of my packs of cars and my Hankyu 9000 set yesterday. I'll write more about them later. The cars I can't comprehend at the moment. Suffice to say some of the cars have open doors! I need top look at these in more detail before I report back on them.
Even more interesting to me is that one enterprising T scaler has started producing his own range of T scale US outline buildings though the 3d printing service at Shapeways. I've ordered some of them and will report back on them.
Exciting times. No excuse not to start a new layout now...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Here in my car...

Today I received an email from TrainaidsA the US supplier of T.
At long last the cars (road vehicles) are available. We've been wating for cars for almost as long as we'd been waiting for the Hankyu 9000. Until now I've made do with 1:400 scale aircraft vehicles on Gonou.
I placed an order for both sets immediately and coincidentally a Hankyu 900 set as well.
I look forward to seeing them. My magnifying glass id at the ready

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tempted (by the fruit of another)

So goes one of my favourite songs of all time by Squeeze.
The song ran through my head as I reviewed this website.
T scale UK outline overlays for your Hankyu 9000 body shells!
They look great. They really do.
Being a Brit I'm always looking at ways of building a UK outline model railway.
Perhaps this would work.
Just as I'm getting set to start work on a US outline layout that would involve a lot of scratchbuilding this comes along and makes building an English layout a lot easier.
Temptation indeed. (Temptation by Heaven 17 there's another favourite song...)

p.s. I could always build TWO small simple layouts, one UK outline, one US. I do like to make work for myself don't I?

Monday, May 3, 2010

That didn't last long

So after a weekend messing around with drawings for the Northstar commuter rail coaches I decided that perhaps this isn't such a good idea after all. Each train is a 4 car set that's 8 sides that I have to cut all the same. Plus the fronts and the roofs. At the moment I just don't think I have the skills unless someone has a lazer engraver they'd like to lend me...