Sunday, November 29, 2009


Do do do doodly-do. Booooo...
OK so the English TV reference will be lost on all you Americans. But never mind It makes me smile.
A week to go and its time to focus my attention onto Gonou. I have to admit that my success at The Princeton Train show has got me all fired up to work some more on Gonou. It's pretty well completed. The Shinto Shrine will not make an appearance as I've just not been happy with the way the model has been turning out. I've has three or four goes at some of the buildings and I'm still not happy. But there is still the petrol station and the working lighthouse for folks to look at. So that should more than keep viewers happy. Work this week then will centre around making the trains run reliably. I've received a new class 103 from TrainaidsA and it runs very nicely. I'm still disappointed that new trains haven't been forthcoming from Eishindo in time for the show. But I think folks will be happy with what they see.
One task has been completed. That is painting the frame of the baseboard black as I do to all my layouts. This has improved the appearance no end. Makes it look like a proper layout. Now I just have to make it run like a proper layout.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So, having been down on T gauge in recent postings. I thought I post some pictures of the latest progress. Being how I am still working on the layout in order to prepare if for the Granite City train show. Things are looking pretty good as these views will show.
Above: Looking down the layout it's difficult to believe that it's less than 3' long
Above: This close up of the station is meant to show the people and vending machines as well as the station fencing. It's almost impossible to show that detail without resorting to a macro lens.
Above: A the right hand end of the layout the Petrol Station blends in nicely
Hope you like the pictures

Monday, November 16, 2009


Definitely getting somewhat peeved with Messrs KK Eishindo. We are well into November and still no sign of the Hankyu 9000 or the KiHa40 trains. I had high hopes this time for the announced November release. But still nothing, in fact the Hobby Search website has gone back to listing December for the 9000. I was really hoping to have something new to run on Gonou at the Granite City Train Show.
Its really killing my enthusiasm. Good job I've got a back up layout for the show...