Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hello again...

It appears that I might be back.
It all started back at the good old Granite City train show at Easter. I had been chided (once again) by local Radio personality Bob Hughes for not bringing any T scale along to the show in a while. This time he did it on the air and I found myself saying that I'd more than likely, very probably, bring some T scale along to the November show.
In the intervening few weeks I've been familiarising myself with developments in the T scale world in the 18 months since I dismantled Gonou. I see there is a new 3rd generation motor as well as a PWM controller available. This should improve running qualities. There's been some very nice modelling done, and the explosion of 3D printing means that skilled computer types have been able to produce all kinds of structures, locomotive bodies and freight stock. It's quite incredible really. It does get you a little excited to do something. 
So, over the holiday weekend and because I was something under the weather I sought out my T gauge stuff and see what was what. I even found I had a 24" x 14" baseboard ready to go. So I laid a "kidney oval" on the baseboard and tried the stock. After a quick track cleaning the stock was running as well as it had done when I packed everything away. All very heartening indeed.
So, as they say, "watch this space"...

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