Friday, November 7, 2008

More Trees please.

Lately I've been planting trees on Hitsu. Let me tell you that even on a small layout such as this one the 40 trees I had already made do not go very far at all. So I need a method to make lots of trees fast. I found one and its really, really easy. All you need is some wooden toothpicks and Woodland Scenics clump foliage.
First take your toothpicks and stain them with a weak indian ink wash. This takes away the whiteness of the toothpick. Then grab hold of a bit of clump foliage and tear it about until you get something approaching a tree shape and just stick it onto the toothpick. Thats it. Nothing else. No fancy twisting of wire. No nothing. The British band the Cure wrote a song called "A Forest" and in the time it takes to listen to this song you could make a forest this way.  OK that's a slight exaggeration... But I did make 50 trees in about three evenings.
Above shows a simple deciduous tree and below a coniferous tree the two sorts of tree defined just by the way you shape the clump foliage.
Group them together and you get the makings of a forest...
I know some folks are daunted by the small size of T gauge but I hope that this tree making method shows that T gauge scenic work can be quite easy.

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